What to Expect & Shoot Flow: (Mobile Studio Package #2)

I'm often asked: how does the session go? how many looks do we get? (5-ish plus family photos) what can we expect!

(By the way, no question is a silly question, so please don't be shy to ask!)



As I arrive, I am for you to aim to be just finishing up your feeding as I am arriving if possible.  Bonus points if baby is just in a diaper, and you already have your heart turned up to 24c. During this time, I'll set up, and about 95% of the time, we do the family session first. 

Once I'm set up, I wrap the baby. This wrap will stay on for the family photos. I typically do 3 poses mom, 3 poses dad, a setup or two with sibling (s), and then a full family portrait.

After the family session is finished, my goal is 5-ish looks, (2 bucket/basket, a set of macro/detail shots, and a few up on the posing bag/blankets). All lightly edited images are yours to keep - with my most popular package this means 300 lightly edited images, not watermarked, not locked, not scaled down, etc.


Once the family mini (25min) portion is complete, I move to back-laying props (ie a bed, or bucket), with the initial wrap still on.

From here, I peel back the wrap to get macro shots - fingers, toes, ears, lips, etc.

I typically ask that 1-2 buckets/baskets are chosen so that I can shoot one in the beginning, and one at the end *unless* baby is still wide awake, in which case I do both at the start.

From here, I move to the posing beanbag blanket setup. This is where I'd get the squishy bum up type shots, transitioning to stomach laying poses. Here is where I will use more of the pre-selected props.  (see available props here: )  At the very end of the session is when I would do "froggy pose", if requested.