Newborns & Babies


In the past 8 years, I have photographed hundreds of newborns. There is nothing sweeter than a newborn who is fast asleep, and nothing more beautiful than the bond between a mother and her baby. 


I am happy to offer an all inclusive newborn package. This includes my mobile studio  ( I bring my studio to you, and shoot in the comfort of your home), and all digital negatives (high resolution) on disc for your own printing. The total fee for this all inclusive package is $399.  There are no other additional costs.  


Please do not be shy to mention a theme, or ideas you have for your shoot. I love working together with my clients to come up with creative themes to carry through their shoots.  There is no such thing as an idea that is “too far out there!” (so long as it is safe, of course!) (See my note at the bottom of this page on newborn posing safety).


My favourite time to shoot newborn photos is when baby is anywhere from 2 days – 2 weeks old. Brand new babies=very sleepy babies, and very sleepy babies=easier to settle, pose, and photograph babies. At this brand new age, baby has more “wrinkles” along their back, and looks oh-so-cute when we pose them. (Older babies still look cute too! It is just a bit trickier to get them to sleep, and to put them in more scrunched up poses).  Please see more info at the bottom of this page on how to prepare for your newborn session, and also a note on newborn posing safety.


Please note - Many of my clients contact me as soon as they are expecting, so spaces fill up quickly. Please use the contact form to see if I have availibility around your due date.  Although I do shoot all across Canada, I have specific dates blocked off specifically for newborn sessions in the HRM.

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Left & Below: 

I had the honour of photographing CFL Calgary Stampeder Anthony Parker, and his family. (Published in the Calgary Sun).

A note on newborn posing safety:


Please note that I will only put your baby in poses that you are comfortable with, and I do use a spotter at all times. Many of my images are actually composites of several images photoshopped together, to create an illusion of an unsupported baby. The two images of the baby below are an example of a composite image.  This little cutie was only 5 days old in this photo - and while he was VERY strong for a newborn, I would not leave a baby this young to sit unsupported for a photo. 

























 I feel the need to mention my emphasis on safety, after one of my newborn photos went viral (and created quite a stir) on the New England Patriots Facebook Page.  


(Nearly 100,000 likes, and over 11,000 shares!)


This photo was shot a couple of inches off the ground, with spotters (hands have been removed from the shot in photoshop). The image was also rotated to create more of an angle, and the baby's head had additional support inside the helmet.


Just because you can't see the additional steps taken to create a safe photo, doesn't mean that precautions weren't taken. 


I'm a mother as well, and I understand how very important it is to protect your baby during these photo shoots.

How to prepare for your newborn shoot & what to bring:



1. Brand new babies with full bellies make the sleepiest babies:


If I am coming to your home, I ask that you aim to be just finishing up your feeding as I am arriving.  It typically takes me about 20 minutes to set up, so if our appointment is for 11:00 am, please aim to have baby fed and ready to go around 11:20 am. Our shoot "time" starts from the first shot out of the camera, and the shoot will continue on for 2-3 hours.   In this example, an 11:00 am appt would technically start at about 11:20 am, and run from 11:20 - 1:20 or 2:20 pm. Tear-down and packup takes about another 15-20 minutes.


If you are coming to me and live close by, please give a full feed before you arrive.  If you have a drive that is longer than 20-30 minutes, please give about 1/2 to 3/4 of what you would normally feed, then give a top-up feeding once you arrive.  I am both pro- breastfeeding and pro- bottle feeding (and pro-however your baby needs to eat feeding :).)  I do have a rocking chair in my studio as well.


The younger your baby is, the easier it will be to settle, pose, and get them to sleep. I reccommend that newborn sessions take place within the first 10 days of baby's life. Newborn photos can still be taken after this point, they just take a little bit of extra time, snuggles, feedings, and shh shh shh-ing to get your little one to pose.   (With my own son, we were in the NICU for the first two weeks of his life, so newborn shots were impossible for us during that time). Every birth story is different, as is every newborn shoot.


There will be some different poses that I will ask that you help me in being a bit more "hands on" - ie shots that give the illusion of baby holding their head up on their own, or any kind of shot where baby appears to be "balanced". These sorts of shots are a composite of several images, and I ask that the parents assist in spotting the baby as I shoot.  


2. What to bring/ What I bring with me:


While I do have a full "newborn kit", you are welcome to bring your own props and accessories into the mix.  I often suggest: blankets, handmade items, props/themes are often good ideas.  Here is a loose idea of what is in my newborn kit:


Baby backdrop stands

Heaters, baby warmers


Posing Pillow

Blanket backdrops

Blankets (various colours/ patterns available - white, blue, pink, purple, black, nova scotia tartan.......)


Baby Bed/Crib

*Baby arm chair (please request specifically for mobile studio)

*wagon (please request specifically for mobile studio)


Cozies/ themed items - football cozie, mermaid outfit, tutus, ninja turtle, cowboy knit hat, super hero, pilot, froggy, so'wester........)


If there is something specific that you are looking for, I have two different ladies that I work with who make AMAZING props:


Crazy Awesome Creations (If you're looking for awesome tutus, look no further!)


Creative Energy (most of my knit props are from her shop. They are ridiculously cute! )



3. Poop Happens:


I want to address this one, because it seems to be a big concern for some parents.  POOP (and pee) HAPPENS.  Your newborn will likely poop on me, or you, or the blanket, (or your arm... the posing pillow... etc).  This is 100% normal.  All of my blankets and wraps are put through a sanitize wash cycle between babies. Please don't be embarassed when it happens (it is a "when", not an "if" with about 99% of babies).