Newborn 1hr Lifestyle Package (Covid -19 Friendly)

On December 8, 2020 the Alberta Government announced more strict Covid-19 measures*, however Photographers are allowed to continue working, by appointment only. In response to this, and in order to be more Covid friendly, I am offering a more condensed, hands-off (and more affordable) newborn session: The Newborn 1hr Lifestyle Package.
(*Mandatory - Provincewide - Effective Dec. 13...  Professional services CAN REMAIN OPEN by appointment only: lawyers, mediators, accountants, PHOTOGRAPHERS   (

Newborn 1hr Lifestyle Package (Package # 3)
1hr session, in home, in a lifestyle setting. This means instead of bringing props, posers, baskets and a backdrop, I use your space to set the scene and feel. This session is perfect for older newborns, as they typically don't settle as well (they just want to be held!) Most clients use their bedroom, or living room as a backdrop, and we use natural light - often mom / dad in front of a window with light streaming in. This session doesn't rely on props, so baby is often naked, or just in an outfit provided by mom and dad. This session is more about the connection between you, your family & baby.

As with all packages, strict Covid cleaning, ppe & sickness protocols are in place.

newborn - capar-125.JPG
newborn - capar-188-Edit.JPG

What's not included in package #3?

The following is not included in package #3 (but is included in package #2): buckets, baskets, props, backdrop, beanbag shots.   The following are photos that would be considered part of package #2, captured on a backdrop with beanbag posers:

newborn - capar-657.JPG
newborn - capar-498-Edit.JPG