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Thank you for taking the time to view my newborn portfolio! Click on the arrows above to scroll through the images. You can click individual images to view them at full screen.

I've been shooting newborns since 2007, and I photograph hundreds of brand new babies every year. Several of my nurse clients have sworn that I am a "baby whisperer", and I was just voted #8 as Canada's most popular photographer. I do also have my Baby Safety and Posing for Newborn Photographers course.

All of my all inclusive newborn packages include all lightly edited images on disc.  (yes, usually several hundred images)!

All of my newborn sessions take place in the comfort of your own home. I bring everything needed to shoot your selected package, without ever having to leave your home. (I'm a c-section mamma, and also a former NICU mamma, and I understand just how hard it is to leave the house with a baby who is only a few days old. )


In order to be able to get all of my moms in within those precious first 10-14 days of life, I only hold a limited number of newborn spots per month. (Note, for lifestyle sessions, babies can be 2-4 weeks old).

Why Mobile Service?

Because you're exhausted. And overwhelmed. And Healing. And did I mention, exhausted? 

Getting out the door is overwhelming with a brand new baby. And possibly painful, if you're recovering from tearing or a c section.  (Ask any mom who has been pooped/puked on while trying to get out the door to a newborn appointment).


Also: I am located in the deep SE, which means you will likely have to drive to come and see me. Your baby will fall asleep on the deerfoot, and then be WIDE Awake once you pull them out of the car seat. When I come to you, we can guarantee that your baby falls asleep on schedule for your shoot.

One last note: I cannot stress newborn safety enough. In addition to adhering to strict safety practices for your baby, please also know that I am insured, and also have a valid Calgary Business License. In order to obtain this license (which is renewed annually), photographers are required to submit to a Calgary Police Services background check. 

Please don't be shy to contact me, I'm happy to answer any questions you might have!