Newborns & Babies

I've been shooting newborns since 2007, and I photograph approximately 180 brand new babies every year. Several of my nurse clients have sworn that I am a "baby whisperer", and I was just voted #8 as Canada's most popular photographer. I am an internationally published & awarded newborn photographer.  In addition to this, I also have my Baby Safety and Posing for Newborn Photographers course. I have a city of Calgary Business License (during the process of obtaining this license, a police check is required).  The safety of your baby is so very important to me, and this is why I have taken these extra steps to ensure comfort, safety AND beautiful photos <3.

I offer both "all inclusive" newborn packages, where you receive all lightly edited images on USB (~300 images), or, more affordable options where 30-40 high resolution images are included.  You are welcome to book a session with 30-40 images included, and then upgrade on shoot day, if you're seeing that there are many many more shots that you would like to have on your usb.


ALSO included in my newborn service is my MOBILE studio.  I literally take my whole studio and bring it to you. (You can also browse and pre-select which props, baskets, and wraps you'd like to use ahead of time!) I'm a c-section mamma, and also a former NICU mamma, and I understand just how hard it is to leave the house with a baby who is only a few days old.   You get access to everything that would be on set at a traditional newborn studio shoot, without ever having to leave your home.  Please also do not be shy to mention a theme, or ideas you have for your shoot. I love working together with my clients to come up with creative themes to carry through their shoots.

In order to be able to get all of my moms in within those precious first 10 days of life, I only hold a limited number of newborn spots per month.  *No Extra Charge for Twins/Triplets* 

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2020 UPDATE:

In the past year, a lot of things have changed - I realize that there is now a demand for a shorter, more hands-off type newborn session, that still has the convenience of a mobile service.   While I still offer the option of a "full service" newborn session (aka package 2), I am now also offering a shorter session option, that is a little shorter, a little more affordable, and more lifestyle focused: Newborn 1hr Lifestyle Package (Package #3) (289+GST).  This package is a perfect fit for older babies, for parents wanting a shorter session time, without props, and less contact between myself & baby. 

As always, I wear full PPE and follow AHS guidelines for ALL newborn sessions.

Newborn & Maternity spots are limited - contact me today to see if I have a space for your due date!

*No Extra Charge for newborn mobile studio - shot in the comfort of your own home*

A note on newborn posing safety:


Please note that I will only put your baby in poses that you are comfortable with.  Many of my images are actually composites of several images photoshopped together, to create an illusion of an unsupported baby. The two images of the baby below are an example of a composite image.  This little cutie was only 5 days old in this photo - and while he was VERY strong for a newborn, I would not leave a baby this young to sit unsupported for a photo. 

























 I feel the need to mention my emphasis on safety, after one of my newborn photos went viral (and created quite a stir) on the New England Patriots Facebook Page.  


(Nearly 100,000 likes, and over 11,000 shares!)


This photo was shot a couple of inches off the ground, with spotters (hands have been removed from the shot in photoshop). The image was also rotated to create more of an angle, and the baby's head had additional support inside the helmet.


Just because you can't see the additional steps taken to create a safe photo, doesn't mean that precautions weren't taken. 


I'm a mother as well, and I understand how very important it is to protect your baby during these photo shoots.

One last Safety note: I'm also a former NICU mom. I treat everything I bring into your home as if I was heading into the NICU. (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). This means that all blankets are sanitize-cycle washed, all surfaces are disinfectant-wiped down between sessions, and all props are washed between babies.